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About skills

Before we display the stories about individual toys, the important assignment is to define the notion of skills, to understand the basic principles of developing the skills and to get knowledge about the types of skills. The content of the site, the display of toys, will be organized according to these categories.

Skill or ability is a concept that is unique to that trait of the man which allows him to successfully perform an activity. These abilities we can estimate with test for abilities.

The development of a certain skill depends on three factors, from the inherited anatomical-physiological structure of the organism, from the factor of the environment and from the activity of the child itself. If we apply this description to the world of toys, if we want to want to develop the children potential which he inherited, this we can further develop ourselves by creating a certain environment and social conditions. In this way, we will enable him to test, learn and practice his skills.

When we talk about abilities, there exist different division of abilities, we will sort them into:

  1. Linguistic (verbal) abilities
    2. Mathematical (logical) abilities
    3. Sensory (perceptual) abilities
    4. Cognitive (intellectual) abilities
    5. Motor skills
    6. Technical (mechanical) abilities
    7. Artistic skills
    8. Interpersonal (social) abilities
    9. Intrapersonal abilities
    10. Practical skills of everyday activities

A game for developing math and motor skills

The development of abilities is so important thing today. From abilities depends the choice of school and profession, the employment, and the quality of life. So we must to focus on developing different skills in children from the earliest age. For some skills  we need to invest extra effort, time and money, because they will take them to a future.

Lastly, visitors of this site will develop one specific skill, which is the skill for toys selecting based on the child’s abilities and interests.

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Introduction – Quality toys

Not every toy is a toy of a good quality. A child’s play presents a great fun for the child but, while playing, the child is also learning about the world surrounding him and himself. The toy is an important element of the game and it is not just a common object for the child, it is an object that develops him. While playing with it, he begins to think, feel and behave differently.

During the shopping, we must be careful while selecting the toy. The important things we need to consider are the age of the child, materials of the creation, and wishes and interests of the child. The new toy should be the source of entertainment for the child and, through that fun, trigger creativity and imagination while developing different skills.

Every child is unique. With the one same toy, every child will play in a different way. With the one same toy, he will develop various interests and skills needed for life. The toy needs to mirror his interests and develop them as well.

The child’s environment largely defines his development. By organizing the children’s space, we can stimulate the development of different abilities to a great extent. The manner in which we organize the children’s room or arrange furniture has also a great influence on the intellectual skills, emotional and social development.

The aim of this information is to improve the quality of toys selection which will consequently develop children’s potentials. Otherwise, children play with a toy very shortly, and their room is full of the toys that are not used and serve as ornaments, so-called standing toys.