PsychoScreen is a psychological blog that primarily aims to bring visitors closer to psychology as a science, but in an interesting and unusual way. Facilities in this area are classified according to psychological directions and disciplines. Psychology is a science that, with its applicable character, can serve everybody in everyday life. Thus, this blog can find useful content for learning this area for high school students, students, parents, educators and all those interested in psychological topics. Blog occasionally leave their content out of the psychological framework.

The blog has highlighted several important sections, such as Psychogym, Montessori, Interests of the child, Drawing analysis, Dyslexia and Autism. Each of them has a special task and in this way responds to different user needs.

The Psychogym section is conceived as a place where, primarily, pupils of gymnasiums will be presented with facilities for easier understanding and learning of the teaching material of psychology. One of the basic tasks of this segment is that the goal and tasks of teaching psychology are achieved as much as possible at the students. The goal of teaching psychology is to acquire knowledge that enables students to understand the biological and social condition of psychic life and contribute to the formation of a scientific view of the world, man and his individual and social behavior. In addition to the materials that are processed in psychology classes, there will also be interesting features in this field, films, presentations, mind maps, quizzes, tasks, worksheets, etc. It is conceived as a multimedia manual primarily for gymnasiums, but it can also serve other high school students, parents, colleagues and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of psychology. The blog will help students in their work to develop their method of effective learning not only of psychology, but also of other subjects in school. The amount of teacher materials is always greater than it can be displayed in 45 minutes. Blog offers us an unlimited time because the time spent on the blog is chosen by the reader itself.

The Montessori section includes content from pedagogy founded by Dr. Maria Montesori. It is a pedagogy that has the great power to awaken the potential in the child and to develop them as much as possible.

The child’s interest section deals with the development of knowledge, skills and skills through changing the environment and introducing various materials. The main task of this segment is to provide support to all those involved in the education and upbringing of children in encouraging the development of different interests in the child. The display of toys, didactic tools and materials, as well as a description of the developmental changes, is organized according to the age and specific abilities, skills and affinities of the child.

Blog could influence how to increase readers’ interest about this science, as well as to stimulate personality development, acquiring skills, shaping attitudes and personality traits. Based on the content, the reader will be able to gain a more complete insight into individual life situations and the development of his personality.